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Re: [Rollei] Battery Problems

PX625 Mercury Battery Workarounds:
  MR-9 Battery Adapter (from C.R.I.S.):
  Teflon Adapter collar for 675 Zinc-Air:
  Wein 625 Zinc-Air can be had at many major camera stores.

As to the PX-27, I can't help there.

- -- John

At 11:57 4/22/00 , John Waller wrote:
>Hello all,
>        As I newly subscribed member I would like to say how informative I 
>find the forum.
>I should like to ask a question which I'm sure has been asked many times 
>before, however being new to the forum have not seen the answers given.
>I am collecting Rollei 35's (particularly black one's) but am greatly 
>concerned by the battery availability problems e.g. 1.35v PX-625 and 5.6v 
>PX-27. Please could someone alot wiser than I advise me of current 
>equivalents or modifications to keep these wonderful cameras going on into 
>the new millennium.
>Your answers will be gratefully received.
>Many thanks and Happy Easter
>John Waller
>PS      If anyone has a Mint/Mint minus Rollei 35 Classic for offer in Black 
>... please let      me know. MTIA