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Re: [Rollei] QBM lens instructions anyone

a) which one? the fat one (72mm filter) or the skinny one (58mm I think)
b) TWO PINS Rolleinar??? nah, it is 3 pins, believe me
    (true for both, fat and thin)
c) the macro feature will work by pressing the safety button and turning the ring
    (true for both, fat and thin)
d) the Rollei lenses regularly didn't come with instructions. For some Zeiss and
    Schneider lenses one could get seperate little leaflets
e) li'll signs on the barrel: the reproduction ratio.

calciua   schrieb:

> Hi guys,
> I received my latest acquisition in the mail. A 35-105 zoom lens for the
> 35mm Rollei SLR series. It is a 2 "pin" lens with a macro setting on the
> barrel. Pretty neat, but I cannot figure out all the fancy features. Does
> anyone know about how the macro feature is supposed to work and what all
> those little signs on the barrel are suppposed to be used for? Access to a
> manual would be great, too.
> Thanks,
> -_______________
> Andrei D. Calciu
> NEC America, Inc.