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Re: [Rollei] 3003 Remote control

the original Rollei remote control has more than just a single switch in there.
It should not be that hard to get an original one, maybe even an ME 2000
that will allow you to shoot "preselected bursts".

Do NOT use SL 35 E Motordrive RC with SL 2000F/3003 and vice versa!

In case you don't find one soon enough, contact me off list, I'll dig into my
cellar (and bedroom Kleiderschrank) to come up with the pinning (free of charge
but patience needed), the circuitry (free too except for patience) and or a remote
at an outrageous price. In my eyes it would be a waste to make your own. Except
maybe you make a light/sound/radar - trap or something like that...

The remote came with short (? 50cm?) or long cable (10m).
The ME2000 came with the short cable only (I believe).
The foot release I haven't seen so far.
Then there was an IR-remote (a little more expensive, around here I saw one around 450,-DM)
and the ME 1 (primarilly iontended for SLX might be used for 3003 withthe RIGHT cable.
Then there was the timer (really expensive stuff!).

Novoflex made a special thingy "DRAROL" to use a plain cable release with the SL2000F/3003,
but it will not work with the camera attached to a tripod (uses the bottom release and was intended
for use with the long Novoflex lenses with pistol grip)

Dust cap: buy a new one.


carter schrieb:

> It's on to the next project on the Rollei 3003. Does any one know what the pin outs on that little DIN connector are? Is it possible to wire my own remote for it or should I look for a Rollei one?
> Also mine is missing the dust cap for the remote connector. Any ideas on a substitute?
> Carter