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Re: [Rollei] exchanging focussing screens / Rolleiflex SL 35 E

At 09:41 30.03.00 +0200, you wrote:
>  A cruise liner way off in the Northern Sea was about to sink, and the
>told his officers, the ship is lost, and passengers should leave the ship
and get
>into the life boats. The offices came back and told the captain, the
>refuse to leave the big ship and climb into those little boats.
>  So the captain had to go and tell. A minute later all were from board
and the
>officers asked the captain how he did that.
>  His reply: "I told the Norwegians, their neighbours were already in the
boats on
>the ship's other side. I told the British they were good sports when they
get into
>the boats. The US-citizens I told they were insured in case they do it and
>get sued in case they don't. To the Japanes I said it was good for their
>So the officer replied: "But how on earth did you get teh stubborn Germans
>the boats?" "Oh, I forgot, that was the easiest part, I simply said it's
an order and
>it is prescribed in the manual."
>In other words: unless you prefer to take showers lukewarm and take your p...
>sitting down you can exchange the screens by yourself.
>Dirk-Roger Schmitt schrieb:
>> At 09:33 29.03.00 -0500, you wrote:
>> >> Rollei manual states that screens for SL 35 E are only to change ba a
>> >> technician because focus has to checked with an autokollimator after

So I take only hot showers.

I must admit that I never changed a sreen of the SL 35 E myself. But what
is said is that the  foundation plane for the screen is not  precisely
enough defined. That was the reason to introduce the supporting frame for
the SL 2000. This maybe wrong, but that is what Rollei repairman say.
However, if you change the screen and test it with a properly adjusted lens
(those are hard to get because the tolerances have been quite high) at
infinity, and you have no problems, everything is fine.