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Re: [Rollei] Rollei SL2000 charger

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>From: "carter" <rollei  >
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>Subject: [Rollei] Rollei SL2000 charger
>Date: Fri, Mar 24, 2000, 2:38 PM

> The rapid charger I ordered came today. It is in good condition but missing
> the power cord (of course). It is marked as:
> Charger L for SL2000
> and has an input for AC on one end, a voltage selector
> (100/115/117/127/200/220/240volts) on the bottom and an input for 12volts
> dc on the other end marked 12v=/14h.
> On the top is the bay for mounting the battery pack and 2 lights. One green
> and the other's colored lens is missing.
> Questions are:
> Is this a proper charger for a 3003 nc pack, or the AA pack with off the
> shelf NiCads (I think I asked this before but never hurts to be sure).

Yes.  The charger for the 2000/3000 series battery packs is actually
just a 6000 series charger with the plate for mounting the 2000/3000
series battery packs added to the top.  Under that it still even has
the pins which fit into the 6000 series battery!

The cord is the same used on many European products, so if you can't
get it from Rollei you can get it from someone else.  For example it
is the same fitting as used on my small Visatec flash units.

> Is the 12v input capable of handling 12v from a car cigarette lighter
> adapter?

Yes, that's what it is for.  You can charge a spare battery while
driving around in your car.  Works fine.

> What do the lights mean? I would assume that the green indicates charging
> is complete. And if the other lamp (missing a lens) was red it would
> indicate charging.

Red indicates not ready yet, still charging.  Green indicates charged.

> Does the 12v=/14h indicate that 14 hours is required for a full charge when
> using the 12v input?

Don't know.  Maybe someone else knows this.  I have charged my 6006
batteries in my car but didn't pay any attention to how long it took.

> Does anyone have any general guidelines for usage if this thing?

Not much to know.  When camera runs too slow charge the battery pack.