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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 3001

the 3001 is the ElCheapo-strikes-again version of the 3003.
You miss:
- - waist level finder
- - 1/2000th sec (shortest speed: 1/1000th) on the dial
- - two shutter releases on the body's sides
- - diopter correction of the viewfinder's eyepiece
  (this mainly in theory, since originally the 3001 was marketed
  without this feature, but most of the 3001 I saw have the same
  eyepiece as the 3003!)
you gain:
- - less cameras produced, so collector's value will go up!
 (like with the ElCheapo 2.8E3 compared to a 2.8F ;-)
- - you don't have to run about to find the ***RARE***!!!
  45° sports prism finder, since it won't fit to a 3001 anyway!
- - probably a camera that got used less, since the viewfinder
  is a pain, and the waist-level-finder is a good reason to get
  an SL2000F or 3003.
PS: delenda cartago! (latin for "dump Evans!")

Reg Ronaldson schrieb:

> I have seen a Rollei 3001 outfit advertised. Can anyone tell me about
> this model? It's not listed in the Evan's book. How does it differ
> from the 3003?
> --
> Reg Ronaldson <reg.ronaldson  
> Norwich UK