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[Rollei] OT: umlauts

> Not easily done from an American keyboard unless you know all the
> ASCII codes.  The company said they prefer Voitglander over
> Voigtlaender, so that is what we have used in the magazine.

Somehow I haven't seen the message that sparked this comment 
in my pile of RUG messages.  There are a set of ALT key 
combinations that you can use for umlauted letters and for many 
other non-English characters as well.  Because I often type 
German names in my genealogy research, I memorized the most 
useful (for me) combinations.  For example: while pressing the ALT 
key, key 0228 on the numeric keypad (with NUM LOCK on) to get 
ä (umlauted lowercase "a").  You can also copy the needed 
characters from the character map to the Windows clipboard and 
paste them into your text as needed..
- --
Curtis Croulet
Temecula, California