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Re: [Rollei] 2.8GX

curtiscr   wrote:

> >I am able to change film one-handed on the 2.8F...
> I have a Rollei MX.  It is absolutely impossible to load it one-
> handed, and in fact loading is the biggest annoyance with this
> camera, since it usually requires finding a place to set the camera
> face-down, and then the older-type hinges often shift to allow the
> back to fall off.  So all this must be juggled while loading the film.
> Except maybe for an improvement in the hinges, how is the 2.8F
> equipped for one-handed loading?
> > My problems with the standard Rollei screen have to do with the
> > split-image focusing aid...etc.
> I had Harry Fleenor overhaul my camera recently, and part of the
> project was to replace the original focusing screen with a Maxwell
> screen.  The Maxwell screen is *much* brighter, and it turned a
> marginally-useful camera into an everyday workhorse.  But the split-
> image is useless.  It's just too small and insensitive to be of much
> help, and I'm so used to ground-glass focusing from using view
> cameras, that the ground-glass ring is what I usually use.

Although I do not own a 2.8 GX , it sounds like a an optically fine
camera. I am sure most of you are aware that Todd made the following
comparison the the GX and F.
- --------------------------------
The GX has full and half stop clicks.
The GX requires a battery.
The GX has minimal internal baffling in the lens chamber.
The GX's film knobs will not lock in the "out" posistion.
The GX's back will not remove-easily.
The GX does not have the mirror or lens in the waistlevel finder to view
focus for the sport finder.
The GX has a different neck strap system
The GX has numbers and letters that are painted on rather than etched
into the metal. ie the distance scales on the focus knob.
The GX does not have a flash sych cord lock.
The GX's meter is centre wieghted-a wide spot meter covering a bit over
the central microprism area.
The GX requires that filters be applied to the viewfinder bayonet to
determine the compensation factor for the meter if the filter factor is
not known.
The GX has only X synch.
The GX does not feel like an F. Although a very high precision camera,
it does not have the same silky smoothness overall that characterises
the F and previous Rolleiflexes.