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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35 & estimating distance

> From David.Clark : ...trouble estimating distances...35 users have
> any tips..

> From Ferdi : ...set the aperture at f/16 or f/11 and use the DOF
> scale...

I looked at the DOF scale on my R35-SE and found that the hyperfocal
distance H vs F-number N obeys the rule HxF = 66 meters. BTW this
yields an circle of sharpness aof abourt 24 microns (~ 1/100 inch).

So in fact if you are an addict of Kodachrome 25 ;-) you can still use
the hyperfocal distance with the 40mm lens of any R-35 (or any other
40mm lens, with a 24 micron sharpness criterium, whatever the format
might be !!!) to get sharp pictures :

at f/11, as pointed by Ferdi, focus on 6 m and everything is "sharp"
from 3m to infinity.

at f/8, you have in most cases to choose between 2 ranges : #1 :
infinity-4m (focus on ~8m), and #2 : 4m to 2m (focus on ~3m). So the
choice is very easy.
1/125s at f/8 on K25 is my standard outdoor setting, in bright sunshine.

at f/5.6, 3 ranges : #1, infinity-6m (focus on 12m) ; #2, 6m-3m (focus
on 4m) and #3, 3m-2m (focus on 2.4m). Still easy to choose according
to the subject : e.g. #1 for general landscape, #2 for a group of
adults, #3 for children or 1 adult standing (vertical frame). 1/125s
at f/5.6 is also very common ourdoors with K25.

Things become actually difficult at f/4 with 4 ranges : 
#1, infinity-8m (focus on 16m) ; #2, 8m-4m (focus on 5.5m) ; #3, 4m-2.7m
(focus on 3.3m) and #4 2.7m-2m (focus on 2.4m).

But the real difficulty is below 2 m if you want to take, say,
pictures of flowers. For flowers I set to the minimum distance about
1m and use my arm to estimate the distance. It works surprisingly

So there is no longer any reason not to "upgrade" to a R35... ;-)
Emmanuel BIGLER <bigler