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Re: [Rollei] Cut Film Back

> from Steve : ... Does anyone know the cutoff model for using these
> backs, or whether there was a later edition of the back with a
> narrower hinge? ...

I have a cut film back for my Rolleiflex T. I bought it new in 1978. I
noticed the shape of the locking "hook" underneath (solid aluminium,
milled from a block instead of a folded, chrome metal sheet on the T)
it seemed to indicate a "richer" 3.5F or 2.8F style. So my conclusion
was that this film back was "universal" for all Rolleiflexes at the
time. As far as I remember, there was no ground glass in the kit.
Later I found in Paris some additional cut film holders sold as a
whole together with a ground glass adapter. This material was of
course much older but perfectly fits on the newer back. Unfortunately
this does not solve your problem of hinges, missing 2mm to adapt the

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER