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Re: [Rollei] Cut Film Back

Well, for what its worth I thought I'd share my experience in trying a cut film
back set with seven holders.  To get to the chase, the back with the ground
glass didn't fit either my 3.5 E (two bodies) or my 3.5 F.  It seems the width
of the mounting pins were too wide to mount onto the back of the camera body.  I
guess they were made for an earlier model of camera.  Does anyone know the
cutoff model for using these backs, or whether there was a later edition of the
back with a narrower hinge?  I should mention the Cut film back itself was
inscribed with a reference to being made in Germany (vs W. Germany).  It was
only about 2mm or so (1/32 of an inch to put it in perspective for our English
measurement participants) too narrow.   Well, that's about it.  No photo results
to report, just pure Rollei parts info.


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 09:52 AM 9/19/1999 -0400, Stephen J. Dunn wrote:
> >Could someone give an opinion of 10x50 Dekarem binoculars.  I saw a pair
> >and wasn't familiar with their quality compared with other Zeiss
> >models.  Any recommendation regarding a fair price?
> I have a pair.  Wonderful glasses -- but these are Jena (Prewar) or Eisfeld
> production (Wartime and Postwar):  these binoculars lasted in production
> from around 1930 to 1991, so they were pretty good hits in the market-place.
> Those with questions about Zeiss binoculars are encouraged to contact the
> great maven of Zeiss glasses:  Jack Kelly at <binocs  >.
> There is a binocular digest, also, issued sporadically by Peter Abrahams
> <telscope  >.
> Marc
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