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Re: [Rollei] Loading tele-rolleiflex

Hi Craig,
if it didn't work sofar, try again, jiggle it (especially the
counter-knob) a little bit.
It sounds/reads, as if you're doin' it the right way -
just keep tryin'! (snicker snicker)

Craig Chin schrieb:

> Ok, I have a problem.
> I cannot figure out how to install the 120 take up spool in my
> tele-rolleiflex.
> It seemed straight foreward enough, pop up the film spool knobs, remove the
> film spool from the bottom and place it at the top. The problem is that the
> top film spool knob does not pop up(it pops in!), and there does not seem to
> be enough clearance to place the film spool into position. The top right
> spool pivot on the inside, will recess, but there is still not enough space
> to insert the film spool.
> I believe a rolleikin counter film spool knob is installed (numbers 1 to 36
> on the circumference, you can push the knob in to advance the film counting
> red dot, etc...). The tele-rolleiflex is a type I.
> Is there a special technique for this? Am I missing something? I suspect the
> top film spool knob is jammed.
> I have perused the rollei web sites, including the Torbjorn Aase rolleikin
> page, to no avail.
> Working in the software industry, I see many examples where users are
> constantly challenged by software user interfaces, sometimes it is the UI
> design, sometimes it is the user. I suspect this is a user problem.
> The last time I applied force to the working parts of a Rollei, I rendered
> my Baby Rollei's shutter cocking mechanism useless. I appeal to to the
> generosity of the rollei list. (Please keep the snickering to a minimum).
> Craig