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Re: Rollei 3003

I have used the Rollei 3003 for the past year or so and find it to be a
quirky pleasure, not the most practical camera in the world, but with a
fine set of Zeiss lenses and an odd design. Most of the German lenses are
terrific, very similar (or identical) to the Zeiss lenses made for Contarex
and, currently, for Contax SLRs.  The less expensive line of Japanese
Rolleinar lenses are of considerably lower quality, but they are also
lighter in weight-- and I don't feel guilty about knocking them around

The main advantages, for me, are the superb optics, the interchangeable
film backs, the two viewfinders (eye level and waist-level), and the
idiosyncratic design (which I find amusing).  Disadvantages are weight,
loudness, expense, and difficulty in finding lenses/accessories.

I've found in the past that list members are far less interested in
discussing the Rollei 35mm SLRs than the medium format cameras, but perhaps
someone here wants to offer more opinions on this subject.

Best regards,
Michael Lehmann


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