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Re: "I'll sell it to you for what I paid for it..."


I do not follow your logic. It is generally OK, but some items sell for a
lot more than original cost plus inflation. In fact, they should.

IMHO, Rolleis are generally inexpensive, except for the later 2.8Fs. They
have certainly not kept with inflation. Also, Rolleis appear to be a
well-kept secret. My 3.5F is often looked at with disdain on the Boulder
mall. People must think that I cannot afford a real camera. Perhaps
something made of vunderplastick would be less retro. (By the way, I am told
that the term retro was registered by Rollei.)

Please do not inform the Leica crowd on me, but I think that Rolleis are
generally better designed and executed than Leicas. In fact, I now believe
that the combination of Zeiss glass and Rollei mechanical engineering is
without equal. (I am only sorry that I did not discover these facts earlier
in life.)

Please note that my opinions are certainly my own and, furthermore, do not
pertain to 35mm Rolleis. My first experience with a 35mm Rollei 25 years ago
was very unfortunate and had a lasting impact. I borrowed the little thing
from a friend for a trip. It shook itself to death in my Land Rover and cost
me more to fix than buying a new one.

IMHO, people should be willing to pay for quality. Otherwise there will be
no quality. However, they should not pay for perceived quality. 

Best of Light,


At 08:03 AM 9/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I once looked at a camera that was for sale... The seller said, "Well, I
>paid X for it, inflation is about 4% per year, by now that ought to make
>it worth about...Y".
>I asked if he was interested in buying my 10 year old car.


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