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Re: Marflex

Hi Eric,

I worked at Levine's when I was at Harvard; knew Steve very well.

The only problem with Steve is that every 6 months some new shooter hits 
town who thinks he's hot stuff, and treats the peons (Hassleblad-fixers) 
like dirt. SK doesn't appreciate that. Who does ?

Grimes fixes what can be fixed, replaces what can be replaced, makes 
what must be made. For years he scavenged trashed M2 Leicas and rebuilt 
them, and sold 'em cheap to students who couldn't afford collector 
prices. He's one of the most knowledgable and capable technician on the 
east coast.

The difference between Marflex and Grimes is that nothing ever got 
broken at Grimes'or got lost at Grimes'. Go meet him, and take advantage 
of a remarkable resource. Of course I'm prejudiced; he taught me a lot, 
kept my broken down cameras going when I needed them, and stood by me 
when things were tough. Maybe that's why 'the old shooters' like him.