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Re: rollei List Digest V1 #479

Bob Salomon wrote:

> >From: Keith & Martha Grimson <kgrimson  >
> Date: Thu, 11 Sep 97 21:55:54 -0000
> Subject: Rollei GX versions
> Does anyone know if there were different versions of the Rollei GX
> produced and what serial numbers and features define the various
> models?
> Also, what serial numbers were produced with the Sekoshia (sp?)
> shutters,
> as I understand, the very last versions produced. Thanks for any and
> all
> input.
> Best regards,
> Keith>
> The original camera was the 2.8 GX with the special covering and the
> old
> style name on a gold plate


   Since this subject is about Rollei model variations, can anybody tell
differences between all "F" models?

  Mr. Tobjorn Aase's Rollei  TLR home page identifies at least five 3.5F

and four 2.8F models, but most references is the serial numbers.

  Best Regards,