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Re: rollei List Digest V1 #479

>From: Keith & Martha Grimson <kgrimson  >
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 97 21:55:54 -0000
Subject: Rollei GX versions

Does anyone know if there were different versions of the Rollei GX
produced and what serial numbers and features define the various models?
Also, what serial numbers were produced with the Sekoshia (sp?) shutters,
as I understand, the very last versions produced. Thanks for any and all
Best regards,

The original camera was the 2.8 GX with the special covering and the old
style name on a gold plate

Then came the standard 2.8 GX

The next version was the 2.8 GX Edition 94

The final version, of which we are still delivering some to dealers is the
2.8 GX Edition

There were/are alos special editions such as the 75th anniversay camera,
the Royal version, the Japanese only Urishi version that was made before
the Royale series, etc.