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Rolleimagic I

Tony Zoccolillo wrote:
>The Rolleimagic I was an auto exposure only model with flash sync at
>1/30.  The lens was a Zeiss Tessar (maybe Xenar's also?).  It also has
>interchangeable hoods.  Overall a nice camera, except for the lack of
>manual shutter speed control.  The Rolleimagic II added the manual
>shutter speed control.
>If you plan to buy one, be aware that when the meter is dead, the camera
>can only be fireed at 1/30th sec.

Tony, thanks a lot for the informations. Mine uses a Xenar 75mm F3.5 that I
*love*. I think it has 4 elements in 3 groups (?) (like a Tessar, but

Can I change the speeds by any modification in the mechanics, or should I
sell it and buy another Rollei TLR? I am afraid because if the meter deads
(and it's a selenium cell), I will have a small range of exposure (1/30 and
7 apertures).

In flash mode you said that the speed is 1/30. I think it's so slow. Can I
change this too?

Regards from Brazil!

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