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Re: Filter factors

don cardwell wrote:

> Drawing from experience gained from years shooting in Colorado, my
> memory tainted I confess by all the coffee I've been drinking this
> morning- UV is an enormous problem.
> (snip)
> But a thousand feet higher (than Denver 5280), and in the rural if not completely wild part
> of the state, more deep, or higher energy, UV passes through the
> atmosphere. Our eyes don't see it, our meters don't see it; it passes
> through the lenses, and film loves it. The proportion of ambient light
> comprised of deep UV is so high that overexposure is inevitable. Not
> simple color-shift: we photograph something that the film sees but we do
> not.

Did a week's worth of shooting in early July in the Breckenridge area...
much of it at 10,000+ feet (our accomodations were at 10,600!). Shot a
Belplasca w/Zeiss Jena Tessars (stereo), a Yashica T4 with Carl Zeiss
Tessar and a 2.8 C Planar, color negative, chrome, and XP-2. No
overexposure, no excess blue in the fleshtones (though of course the sky
is probably 13,000+ degrees K!), and no filtration. Guess the lens glass
absorbed it?

In the past, shot at altitudes in excess of 12,000 ft with no obvious

Eric Goldstein