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Re: Which was sharpest???

Marc James Small wrote:

> Tessar:  a four-element, three-group lens formulated to avoid the flare
> problems of the original Planar, though with a minor sacrifice in
> sharpness.  Designed by Rudolph in 1902, then constantly improved for years
> by his assistant, Ernst Wandersleb

As an addendum to what Marc wrote, I'd add that there are those who contend 
that the Tessar design was an outgrowth (albeit a brilliant one) of perhaps the 
most important optical designs of the past 100ish years, namely the triplet of 
Dennis Taylor. Studying the two designs pretty clearly reveals the 
similarities, with the improvement being found in the Tessar's rear compound 
element which notably increased coverage with only a minimal increase in flare.

My Rolleicord III manual refers to its Schneider Xenar taking lens as being of 
a "modified Taylor-type" design; I have seen numerous other references along 
these same lines...

Eric Goldstein


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