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Lens with no name

   Hi all,

   Last weekend I borrowed some Rollei brochures from the seventies, 
and in one of then a Rolleiflex system overview ("Rollei: El 
progresso en fotografia" document # 10-0027/08-374), I noted 
something unusual:

   On page 10, the brochure presents the 2.8F / 3.5F models, the 
photo shows a 2.8F model (s/n 2473721). Looking on the taking lens, I 
noted that there's no "Carl Zeiss" label on it, just the lens specs 
and the lens s/n (not very clear on the photo).

   The brochure describes four models and here follows some lines 
taken from the technical description (in spanish):

   * Rolleicord Vb: "Objetivos: Xenar 1:3,5/75mm, formado por cuatro 
lentes. (...), objetivo del visor Heidosmat 1:3,5/75mm (...)"

   * Rolleiflex T: "Objetivo: 1:3,5/75mm, formado por quatro lentes. 
(...), objetivo del visor Heidosmat 1:2,8/75mm (...)"

   * Rolleiflex 2,8F / 3,5F: "Objetivos: Para la Rolleiflex 3,5F: de 
1:3,4/75mm, de seis lentes. (...) objetivo del visor: Heidosmat 
1:2,8/75mm (...) Para la la Rolleiflex 2,8F: Objetivo 1:2,8/80mm de 
cinco lentes (...) objetivo del visor: Heidosmat 1:2,8/75mm (...) "

   * Tele-Rolleiflex: Objetivos: Sonnar 1:4/135mm de la casa Carl 
Zeiss, integrado por cinco lentes (...) objetivo del visor Heidosmat 
1:4/135mm (...)"

   Note that the Rolleicord part, the text is clear in explaining 
that the camera features a four-element 1:3,5/75mm "Xenar" lens, 
instead of the Rolleiflex T that features only a four-element 
1:3,5/75mm lens (no reference to Tessar brand).

   The same happens with the 3,5F/2,8F description, the first one 
features a six-element 1:3,5/75mm lens and the second one a 
five-element 1:2,8/80mm lens (no reference to Planar name).

   In the Tele-Rollei description, the text is clear: it features a 
five-element 1:4/135mm Sonnar lens from Carl Zeiss.

   I'm not a expert in Rolleiflex history, but is there a possibility 
that these T and F models of this period were mounted with lens not 
made by Zeiss? 

   Maybe Zeiss optics "made by Rollei" like happened with the late 
Rollei 35 models.

   Thanks for your attention,

Mario Nagano
nagano  .br
nagano  .br