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Voigtlander VSL's

First, THERE IS NO BLOODY H IN VOIGTLANDER.  Umlaut the a or not, there
still isn't an H!

Second, the Voigtlander name and factory were acquired by Rollei in the
bust-up of Zeiss Ikon.  They held the name until their bankruptcy, when the
name passed out of the Rollei holdings.

The VSL's are simply the SL35 family rebadged.  In the US, the Voigtlander
cameras had Rollei QBM while the European market got slightly tonier
cameras with M42.

The final run of 'true' Voigtlander lenses were produced for the VSL's.
The QBM ones are not uncommon but the M42 lenses are rare, rare, rare.


Marc James Small
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