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flash on R-Flex 2.8 E

> I may be new to this list but I may not stay long. I joined the list to
learn about rollei cameras, TLR's and SLR's. Humor is good but just as
Dostoyevsky learned you can only flog a dead horse for so long. I don't care
about tit for tats. I just want to learn more about photography and how to
make better pictures. Part of that is learning more about the tools. Can
people carry on their private ( or not so private) joke chains directly and
please leave me and anyone else who isn't actively contributing to the
running  "discussions" out of their mirth. Thankyou.
     I do have aquestion about what i need to do to use a modern flash with
my 2.8E r-flex. I want to use a 285 and also a set of normans I just bought
for a song. I don't know what the setting is supposed to be. Also my back
comes completly off whenever I change the film. Is that normal?
Thankyou for your time. tmitch